Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates are important for us all.  We all should have a Will, and eventually we will all die,  and there will be an estate to be looked after. It is now increasingly common for people to plan ahead and ensure that, as they age, there is a legally correct framework that will assist them in making financial and medical decisions, as well as ensuring that their Wills properly set out their wishes.

Planning Ahead

It pays to plan ahead. Being properly advised, and following that advice will provide you with comfort and a feeling of security.  Be assured the Will you prepare is a way of ensuring that your wishes are carried out. It is always a great relief to a grieving family

It can also be important to plan for future generations to avoid costly legal disputes between beneficiaries, as Wills made later on in life might be contested on the basis of your age or decision making ability.   It is not possible to stop someone claiming on your estate.  However, with the correct advice the prospects of any claim being successful, and hence the prospects of anyone contesting your estate, can be significantly diminished.

We also provide assistance with Powers of Attorney, including Enduring Powers of Attorney.
Remember, by planning ahead it is your loved ones you are saving the inconvenience and time in the future.  If you leave a Will, a Power of Attorney, or a Guardianship appointment until you need it, then it is too late.   

Evans & Wislang provide assistance with guardianship matters, covering situations where a person requires assistance to make medical or financial decisions.

In the case of elderly or infirm people within the Newcastle/Greater Newcastle area we are happy to do home/retirement home/hospital/ etc visits to assists.

Compassion and Understanding

At Evans & Wislang, we offer a full range of wills and estates services, covering such matters as:

  • Estate planning;
  • Will preparation;
  • Assisting with deceased estates;
  • Trusts;
  • Disputed Wills claims;
  • Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship.

Deceased Estates

The passing of a loved one is a time of grieving and loss for many people.

At Evans & Wislang we understand.  All too often we see clients in great difficulty at these times.   You may have a lot of questions and concerns.  We treat all our clients with compassion and assist our clients through this the most difficult of times.

In many cases a Grant of Probate may be required, or a Grant of Administration. We can assist you with the legalities. We are familiar with the requirements of the Courts, and the Banks and other financial institutions. We can assist you with the expedient processing of an estate.   

There are often assets to be called in, or to be transferred under the Will. Some of these assets may be taxation or other consequences associated with them.   We understand these and will recognise if there is an issue which needs to be attended to. If left until too late there could be dire consequences for the beneficiary.

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